Really Good Buildings is a publication on product and creative direction in real estate development, written by Fed Novikov.

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"What does it take to develop a really good building?"

I often ponder over this question, whether during my day-to-day work on a development project or simply while passing by an exceptional building on the street.

There are many design publications celebrating great architecture, yet there are few resources about the behind-the-scenes process from a developer's perspective that explain how to achieve this outstanding quality.

This newsletter explores various aspects of product and creative direction in real estate. Some of the materials we will cover include:

  • Industry Reflections. Discover novel and emerging trends in the building industry. From personal reflections on changing zeitgeist to deep dives into new market phenomena.

  • Development Case Studies. Gain insights from interviews with developers of select standout buildings. Discover their design process, the methods for garnering local support, the technologies and tools used, and the impact of their product decisions on the buildings' financial performance.

  • Developer Tool Kit. Delve into emerging tech solutions that developers incorporate into their projects. Learn how to adapt product management best practices for real estate development; how to develop a CLT building; which smart home system to implement; and many more.

I plan to publish only about one article per month exploring these topics.

This newsletter reflects my personal journey towards becoming a better real estate developer and operator. Over the past decade, I've been focusing on innovation in real estate. Currently, I'm working with The Neutral Project — a sustainability-focused developer — on establishing a new low-rise multifamily product line. I previously co-founded Apt, where I streamlined the pre-development process for small-scale multifamily properties. I also spearheaded the prefab homebuilding initiative, Backyard, at Airbnb Samara from its inception.

You can find more information on my personal website, connect with me on twitter and linkedin, or reach out via email.


— Fed

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A publication about product and creative direction in real estate development.


I'm a real estate developer and I write about product and creative direction in real estate development.