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Real estate investors. Discover the top and emerging design-driven developers. Learn about their approach and be the first to know about their upcoming projects.

Real estate developers. Explore best practices from other developers, new design methods and emerging tech solutions. Learn how to adopt product management and creative direction methods from other industries to real estate.

Architects. Gain insight into the minds of design conscious real estate developers. Or become one.

Startup founders. Find insights about productization in the building industry. Learn from case studies and top founders in the space.

Just curious? No need to be an industry insider. If you’re interested in architecture, business innovation, design, fashion, finance, and people who create outstanding buildings — you’ll find yourself at home here.

About the author

Fed has been working on innovation in real estate and construction technology for over a decade. Most recently leading product at Apt where he helped streamline the pre-development process for small scale multifamily. Prior to that, he led the homebuilding initiative Backyard at Airbnb Samara from its inception and a construction automation startup Asmbld. Fed cares about quality buildings and writes about finding better ways to build and invest in them.

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A newsletter about design-driven real estate development.


Fed Novikov

I write about design-driven real estate development. Apt development co-founder, former project lead at Airbnb Samara. https://fednovikov.com